Episode 177: 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Are Recipes For Success!

Using Facebook ads in your practices digital marketing you want to have your ads perform as best as they can. In Todays Episode I talk about the 5 different Facebook marketing strategies you can use in your veterinary practice digital marketing. These strategies are a recipe for success and great to use for both Facebook and Instagram paid advertising.

A few things to remember: Understand what each end goal of your ads are, have a good mix of the type ads you put out (Content, offers, and engagement), and to focus on content, engagement, retargeting. Also, what is the specific offer you will be offering, what is the action you want to take, and make the call to action very clear. Think about who your audience is because will depend on who you are targeting. Get creative with your offers to get people through the doors of your practice.

5 different strategies to use depending on your end goal:

1)Direct to services with your different audiences

2) Create content and send it out for cold traffic

use content to build an audience that is going to want your services. The more specific your marketing is the more interesting it is.

3)Use lead magnets to build up segmented lists

Think about something you can offer your audiences that gives them instant information that is valuable to them.

4)Use mini courses or mini-series to create credibility and help drive specific services into your business

5) Retargeting Ads

Reaching out to people who already know, like, and trust you so you can sell more services to them. Also, remind them about the specific services and products that they need or want.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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