Episode :179 Could Facebook Ads New Updates Change Your Marketing?

If you have been Facebook Ads manager for some time you probably have seen that ads manager looks different lately.

In today’s episode, I talk about the newest updates to facebook ads and what exactly is conversion budget optimization? I also talk about a lot of the new automation tools now available and who and what they are built for and how you can use them.

so many new changes and tools are coming to Facebook that it’s exciting but it can also be a little complicated getting used to the new feature. As I cover the new updates from facebook ads I want to talk about automation and should you be using it, Using CBO ( conversion budget optimization), and whether you should be using the new tools that have become available with the updates from not only facebook ads but also google ads?

The biggest new update to facebook ads was the addition of Conversion Budget Optimization.

What Conversion Budget Optimization does is it will automatically spend your ad set to optimize for specific conversion events based on the performance of the ads you are running. Conversion budget optimization can only run with a conversion event so be sure if you are using conversion budget optimization that you have conversion pixels installed. Conversion budget optimization campaigns are now becoming the default and have been toggled on automatically. if you would like to run your campaigns without Conversion budget optimization be sure to run at least one ad campaign without CBO to opt-out of Conversion budget optimization becoming your permanent default come February 2020.

The new tools and features are here to help your marketing but always be sure you are tracking and measuring your data to make sure your marketing is performing well.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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