Episode 180: Making Your Practices Ads More Effective While Keeping Ad Cost Down.

In Todays Podcast Episode I talk about how to drive your ad cost down and how to ultimately make your veterinary practices marketing and ads more effective. As we are starting to go into the holiday season here we are starting to see seasonal and competition changes coming up, making keeping your ads cost down even more important. These tips I will be sharing in this episode will help you have a great framework for your paid ads and get better cost per results and cost per action.

The 3 Things you can do to help lower your ads costs and make your ads more effective are: 

1)Having high-quality pieces of content you can mix in along with other content and offers.

Like with every piece of content or offer set aside some time to really think about who your client avatar is and who you want to target with your content or offer. Put ads out with intention, think of who your client is, what do they want or need, and why do they need it. Also, think about having a few to up to 12 pieces of pillar content that you can rotate throughout the year. Typically having higher quality content will make for lower cost engagements.

2)Have a great responsive website.

Make sure your website is nice looking, easy to use and understand, and has all of your information easy to see. The less time your clients have to take to find your number, address, or hours the better.

3)Build out micro-segments 

Retargeting a very small niched audience that is specific to the piece of content or offer will also help drive down your ad cost 

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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