Episode 183: What To Do When You’re The Practice Marketing Person? Part 2

Last week on the podcast we started the 4 week series of what to do when you’re in charge of marketing and we covered the three most essential first steps ( Taking inventory, Planning, and Executing) you need in marketing and covered them in general terms. In Todays Episode we are going take a deeper dive into taking inventory of your practice and its digital marketing so far at this point.

As your veterinary practices, digital marketing continues to grow its always important to have an idea of where you are realistically in your marketing and knowing exactly where you are today.

The best place to start with your inventory is to understand what you have in terms of offers. To effectively gain new clients and retain existing clients you should probably have about 3 to 4 different offers you can rotate through the year that will bring people into your practice. When thinking about your offers keep in mind:

What exactly the offer is?

Who you are targeting? 

Why do your clients need it or want it?

what are the practical and emotional benefits of your offer?

Once we have that squared away its time to see what digital assets you have already in place. How do you reach your clients and audience? Get a baseline idea of who you are already reaching and how you can increase those numbers.

Next, we have content and content creation. Really take a look at what your strong suit is and your weaknesses in your content creation. The most popular types of content are blog posts, videos, Instagram posts, and facebook posts. 

And lastly resources, What resources do you have to work with in your practice.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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