Episode 185: What To Do When You’re The Practice Marketing Person? Part 4

Today is the end of our What to do when you’re the practice marketing person 4 part series. We have gone over all the essential items and tips to get you started on marketing! In our first week, we went over the top 3 most important first steps to have squared away before beginning and a general overview of what to expect from this series. In week two we then took a deeper look into what exactly you should be taking inventory of in your practice’s marketing. Week 3 was all about the importance of having a thorough marketing plan made. In today’s episode, I am covering the last step you need to get started on your marketing. Its time to implement or execute your marketing plan now!

Now there are actually 4 parts to Implementing or Executing your marketing plan :

1) Learn- Take inspiration and soak up marketing ideas from everything other advertisements on social media, In mail postcards, past marketing offers, and podcasts you have seen or heard and have caught your attention. Also, take notice of how other local services companies interact with their audiences

2) Process- Find the marketing principals in the ads or podcasts that have captured your attention and ask yourself how can I apply this to my practices marketing? and how will this idea work in my practice marketing?

3) Apply- Start at the bottom of the funnel and work your way up the marketing funnel. Breaking down your marketing plan into each section of the funnel can help make your plan not be so overwhelming. 

4) Tweak – Take offers, content ideas, promotions, etc.. and look at what was successful or what wasn’t so successful and figure out how you can make it better.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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