Episode 188: How To Start Using Text Message Marketing For Your Veterinary Practice

In Todays Episode I share how to incorporate text message marketing into your veterinary practice. Using text messaging marketing provides so much potential to your practice however it is very underused in the veterinary industry. Adding text message marketing into your marketing for your veterinary practice is a great way to increase communication with your clients in a convenient way. I also go over the best ways to collect phone numbers from your clients, build up your text messaging lists, what tools to use, and more.

Keep in mind the process of text messaging marketing 

1)Having and collecting numbers to text

The best ways to collect numbers to text are through patient records, your practices veterinary software, keyword text, and web forms on your site to opt-in. Be sure that everyone receiving your text messages are aware they have opted in to receive texts.

2)Building your lists 

You can use your CRM and text message marketing together. Using tools like Twilio to connect your CRM and text together. Having a keyword clients can text to instantly opt in to your list is also a good option to growing your text message marketing list.

3)Send out messages either broadcast or conversational

Twilio and many chat are great tools to use for text messaging marketing.

Broadcast messages are a way to alerts your lists about upcoming specials, offers, deals, and events. 

Conversational is a 2-way conversation with the recipient. Many chat is a great option for this as you have a chatbot that has an automated response in a short amount of time.

Also sending out appointment reminders is a great way to get clients through the door that haven’t been in a while.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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