Episode 189: How To Use Discounts Without Bankrupting Your Practice

Discounting can be a tricky slippery slope to go down sometimes, but you can keep your practice from falling into the discounting trap with a few tactical tips.

In today’s episode, I share 5 simple and tactical tricks and tips you can use to use discounting in your practice without going bankrupt. Everyone in the world loves to feel as though they are getting a great deal or value for what they are paying. Understanding the demographic you serve at your practice and the clients you see helps you be able to gauge what kind of discounts will work for your practice. As well as taking into account that the cost of a service and the value are 2 different things and should be handled as so. I have 5 specific ways you can discount without it hurting your business or constantly having to have discounts available.

1) Rewarding Loyal Customers- Rewarding your most loyal customers with special offers that are only available for a specific group not only helps make the client feel special but also helps you bring in a client more frequently

2)Bulk Buy- As Costco has taught us the more you buy the more you save, you too can use this method for families that have a large number of pets, buying specialty pet food, and medication.

3) Test out new services- Host a trial run of a new service at a discounted rate

4)Tell a story- Use fun holidays and special awareness months to run offers for a short limited time (a month or one day only)

5)Pre Pay for services- Customers can prepay for procedures, exams, and vaccines to save in the long run.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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