Episode 193: How To Drive Clients Into Your Practice With Marketing.

In today’s episode, I share if I owned a veterinary practice how and what I would do to drive clients into your practice with marketing.

1) Starting with the most important part of digital marketing you want to make sure that you have a solid website in place before starting to market your veterinary practice. Your website is where you will direct your target clients with every offer. Having a good or solid website you should have:

-Quick Page load times

-Contact info (phone number, address, hours) that can be easily found on every page

-List of services

-Properly optimized for phone, desktop, tablet.

-Must be easy to navigate. Having an easy to navigate website boosts conversion rate

2) Be sure when using social media platforms to be consistent with branding and information for your practice.

3) Make sure your staff is properly trained to close a “sale” when speaking with clients on the phone. Knowing how to speak with potential clients and being aware of the offers that are currently running. Creating basic scripts to use can ease the process of making appointments with new clients and answering commonly asked questions on the phone.

4) Define what core offers you will run. A good number of offers to have is 3 main offers and 2 specialty offers that you can rotate through the year. Make sure your offers also have their target defined, what problem does the client have, and how can you solve it.

5)Run paid ads on Google ads, Facebook, and Youtube

6)Create a 4-month content calendar. Break it down week by week to create content specific to your target audience 

7)Build out Email sequences and automate them.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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