Episode 196: How Social Selling Can Help Your Practice Grow.

In today’s episode as we continue to be in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis I share how to sell while increasing your top of funnel awareness and increase demand for your products or services without coming off as your selling in your practice. Now is the perfect time to start focusing on social selling, with more people on the internet at one time ever in history you have more people looking for information. 

As we talked about in the last episode it is important now than ever to have your most urgent services laid out for clients that need to come into your practice. Given the current climate of the country, people are inclined to save money and only spend on absolute essentials but are looking to gather and receive as much information as the can.

We now need to take this time as an opportunity to increase the amount of content you are creating that your clients want to see and learn from. Clients may not be up to buying right now but you can use your content to send messages to your audience. As you are taking into consideration that your clients may not be in a mindset to buy if it’s not a necessity remember to target the urgent services you offer and build awareness of your practice and your content. Using your content to educate your audience will be the best way to social sell to your clients. The more information and solutions they are provided with at this time will help them in the recovery stage turn to you and your practice. Have a few topics (about 4-5) you create content around to really really go in-depth with information.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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