Episode 197: 4 Tips To Improve Your Adwords Experience

Whether you are currently using Google AdWords or thinking of using Adwords for your practice’s digital marketing its always good to keep your Adwords running the absolute best they can.

In Todays Episode I share 4 tips and tactics you can use to improve your Google AdWords experience! We take a bit of a more advanced dive into Google AdWords so you can get the most of AdWords for your veterinary practices digital marketing.

1) Dayparting 

Dayparting can help cut down on unnecessary expenses by only running your ads during the times your veterinary practice is actually open for business. This will help you attract new clients who are actually looking to come in now.

2)Bid Adjustments For Schedules

Make adjustments for days of the week that may be lighter on the staff available in your practice, you can adjust to what best fits for you on what days and what times. 

3)Bid adjustment for location

This is great for mobile veterinary clinics, pet supplies delivery services or home visit veterinarians. You can focus on areas that are the best for your services and keep it as local as you want.  A useful tool to help you cut down on travel time as well. Use zipcodes to see where most of your clients are coming from and where you can target the best.

4)Call out and Site link Extensions

The more space you take up with your ads the better the chance you have at increasing your clicks through rates. Sitelink extensions are a great place to also update your clients of new temporary times or features. Use these as a way to highlight the specialties of your practice.

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 


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