Episode 214: How To Improve Your Employment Marketing At Your Veterinary Practice.

In Todays Episode we are joined by special guests Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett from Flordia Veterinary Advisors where we talk about how you can improve your employment marketing at your veterinary practice. Using offer creation to attract the right kind of employees for your veterinary practice 

Founders Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett teamed up to create Flordia veterinary advisors in 2014 where they specialize as financial advisors to help busy veterinarians, veterinary students, and practice owners across the country with their financial planning.

We cover how we can make offers attractive to attract new employees and how can we retain them and existing employees.  Approaching a retention plan and coming up with employee agreements and arrangements that are actually beneficial to both new and existing employees and the veterinary practice itself. We also cover how to handle rewarding and recruiting employees and what each of those looks like and how you could create both of those types of packages to offer to new veterinary employees. We also share how you could structure a new package for veterinarians that are looking to buy or sell a veterinary practice and transition to ownership. Covering also how you can offer something to employees that would both be an incentive and benefit on both ends and much more!

If you would like to learn more about Flordia Veterinary Advisors you can click HERE If you would like to work with the Florida Veterinary Advisors and  get in contact with Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett you can visit their website HERE

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