Episode 215: Time Saving Tools & Tips to Help Get More Marketing Done

In Todays Episode I share how you can get more done in your Veterinary practices digital marketing with some time saving tools and tips. I will be sharing how you can maximize certain types of activities that will help you create long term growth for your veterinary practice.

These tips and tools help your veterinary practices digital marketing become more efficient and more effective:

– Sitting down and batching out your content to schedule your posts. Taking the time at least once a week to go through your content and figuring out what you want to post for the next few weeks. Popular choices are Hootsuite, Agorapulse, and Planoly.

– Have a content library. Putting your pictures and past evergreen content that you can come back to and share throughout the years. Meet Edgar is a great choice to keep your content in a content library and you can schedule when a post will go out and what social channels it is shared on.

– Creating content around client questions. Oftentimes people will ask what should I write about and the best thing to write about are things your clients will be curious about, have questions about, and an offer that is relevant to the post.

– Naming Conventions. Be organized with how you and your staff name and label files, pictures, and documents. Google Drive allows you to name your folders easily. You can also use your naming conventions with UTM codes to easily see where you are pulling traffic.

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Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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