Episode 216: How To Attract New Employees To Work In Your Practice With Ads

In Todays Episode I share how you can use paid ads to attract new people to work in your veterinary practice. I also talk about what works and what doesn’t with employment ads on each platform and 3 placements that will be beneficial for your veterinary practices employment.

3 of the best placements for employment ads

1) Facebook- Facebook is great for ads however when it comes to employment ads the rules are a bit different and have only limited targeting options, but is still a good option to get organic engagement. Your reach can expand from shares and tagging.

2) Google- Google Ads is another good option for employment ads as the people searching for a job actively need or are wanting a job. While on one hand, it may not be a lot of volume in searches their searches are filled with the intent of seeking employment at a veterinary practice. Keeping your employment ads to search ads through google is the best option as you will reach a more interested audience looking for a job in a veterinary practice.

3) Linkedin- Linkedin is a great place to have employment ads running. Linkedin platform allows for the most targeting when it comes to employment ads allowing targeting through company, length of employment, degree, field of study, current job title, and region. There are also two placements you can run your ads, Through their content feed (almost like a Facebook post outlining the job description, benefits, and more) and through their In Mail messaging ads (custom detailed messaging about job opportunities). With all your options of targeting be sure to tailor your employment ads to target the perfect employee for your practice.

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Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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