Episode 217: How Veterinary Dentistry and Dental Marketing Can Help Your Practice Stand Out

Special guest Dr. Brett Beckman joins us in today’s episode to talk all about veterinary dentistry, veterinary dental marketing, how to differentiate your practice by using veterinary dentistry, and more. 

Dr. Brett Beckman is a board certified veterinary dental specialist and founder of Veterinarydentistry.net which offers both live and online courses for veterinarians and veterinary technicians and is the founder of IVDI the International Veterinary Dentistry Institute which offers trainings and the VDP program to become a veterinary dental professional.

Veterinary dentistry offers an amazing opportunity to really setting your practice apart from other general veterinary practices. Using veterinary dentistry in your marketing helps you be able to gain more clients while also retaining current clients that have dental issues or needs. Dentistry care is a huge need for both cats and dogs, new clients are looking for more dental procedures even more now. Offering dentistry in your veterinary practice is a great way to invest in your practice and yourself as a veterinarian or technician. It not only increases business in your practice but also adds a lot of value to your practice and your clients. Giving your clients and their pets’ quality and professional care, for now, their dental needs. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Brett Breckman’s live and online veterinary dentistry courses you can check them out here. And if you are also interested in learning more about IVDI (International Veterinary Dentistry Institute), their veterinary dental trainings, and the VDP program you can visit their site here 

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