Episode 218: How To Keep Your Facebook Ads Working Effectively

In today’s episode, I am talking about Facebook ads! I share some of the big changes that have happened recently to Facebook as a result of the big tech wars that have been going on this last year and even before. I also share how these changes affect veterinary practices, what you can do to improve your targeting, how you can keep your ads from going crazy from all these changes, and some things you can think about for the growth of your marketing using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Because of the last few years of controversies with Facebook, they have been made to change their tracking and data collection thus changing how their ads ultimately work. With the newest wave of scrutiny coming from apple with their IOS 14 update of not allowing third-party pixels or cookies to be used on their users it has been impactful for the platform. By using their aggregated measurement tool Facebook now has a new way to track conversion events from ios 14 users. 

Other ways you can collect conversion events and data include: 

Using UTM tracking- UTM codes are a great method to use for analytics for your ads. Creating the UTM codes at the end of your URLs allows you to gather data from each platform in an easy way.

Create Landing Pages – Creating landing pages for each platform and every ad. You will be able to easily see where traffic is coming from.

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