Episode 219: Using Chat Marketing For Your Practice With Phil Masi

In Todays Episode I am joined by special guest Phil Masi from Restoration Marketing! We talk about helpful and easy ideas and uses for chat marketing that you can bring into your veterinary practice’s digital marketing.

Chat marketing is using real-time conversations with clients to provide information and help. Automating your messages to serve your clients and point them in the directions they need to go and provide them with helpful information on the spot. With chat marketing specifically in the way of Facebook chatbot messaging you can create fully automated conversational flows with clients. Just like email marketing is able to be fully automated to have replies, chat marketing cuts down the response time and is an easy and time-saving tool to have in your veterinary practices digital marketing. People even more nowadays are turning to chat forms of communication as a preferred way of communicating over email or phone calls. Chat marketing is also able to tie into paid ads giving you an extra way to reach new clients. 

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