Episode 220: 3 Marketing Misconceptions That Are Holding You Back.

In Todays Episode I share 3 common misconceptions that could be holding back your digital marketing and possibly be hurting the growth of your veterinary practice. I also share how you can combat these misconceptions to help your practice’s marketing grow and perform better.

The 3 marketing misconceptions and what you can do instead:

1) Chasing tactics and gimmicks with your marketing- Instead of relying on pitches from marketing company have very clear goals of what you are looking to achieve in your practice’s marketing. Find marketing companies and professionals that you trust and can express your goals and trust their judgment to best execute your marketing plan.

2) Waiting for business to slow down to start marketing- While it is hard to imagine during a super busy streak ever slowing down ultimately it is inevitable and does happen eventually. Don’t wait for business to start slowing down to start really focusing on your practice’s marketing. Setting up your funnels and all your automation (email, messaging, ads, etc…), while you are your busiest, is one of the best things you can do in your marketing. Be proactive instead of reactive with your marketing.

3) Assuming that digital marketing will stay consistent- Find how you can have steady traffic streams to draw your best clients into your practice. Create through different channels additional ways to keep your clients coming through the door of your practice.

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