Episode 223: Marketing & SEO Approaches, Strategies and More With Brandon Boyd

In Todays Episode I am joined by special guest Brandon Boyd from Vet and Pet SEO and The Practice Heist Podcast to talk about SEO and digital marketing for your veterinary practice. We share some strategies, approaches, and even misconceptions in digital marketing and SEO.

Here are some key approaches and strategies to think about for your veterinary practice digital marketing.

-Solve a Problem First

Frame your sale in a way that provides your clients with solutions to their problems or concerns by focusing on the benefits of a service, product, etc rather than just the features of the product and service.

-Narrow Down Tactics and Strategies 

Have a very clear strategy that you can use for your digital marketing that will actually work and help your practice grow.

-Create Expert Knowledge Content 

Your content that your practice produces is very important because you want to create content that will serve your current clients but also allow you to reach new audiences. Create expert professional level content that is easy for your audience to understand and comprehend but also evergreen that can be relevant at any time.

-Create Content First and Find Keywords Second 

While keywords in your headlines are great for increasing your SEO ranking be sure to create content for your audience first and then find your keywords. SEO may tell you where you rank but it doesn’t give insight into your conversion rate.

If you would like to get into contact with Brandon Boyd be sure to check out his website Vet and Pet SEO Here and check out his podcast The Practice Heist Podcast Here

Join the Veterinary Marketing Nerd Facebook group to get even more help with your veterinary practices digital marketing 

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!


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