Episode 227:The Business Side Of Veterinary Digital Marketing with Karen Bolten from The Business Vet

In today’s episode, special guest Karen Bolten from The Business Vet on Instagram joins us to talk about the business side of veterinary marketing, how she got her start and some tips and tricks to using Instagram to reach and grow your veterinary practice audience.

Karen Bolten started out her career in the veterinary field after finishing vet school starting at an internship treating horses and eventually started her own clinic owning for over 8 years. 2 years ago Karen sold her practice and is now going to business school and moved into the business space of the veterinary industry and now helps other veterinary practices with the business side of their practice through her Instagram @thebusinessvet.

Using Instagram for your veterinary practice digital marketing is a great choice for reaching more of your demographics and audiences. Instagram offers more of an opportunity to gain organic engagement and organic followers. Karen has an amazing hashtag generator that she offers to help practices create and find the best hashtags for their posts to get the best engagement and growth. Since most vet practices are physical locations it is very important and useful to tag your location and hashtag local areas to attract and reach local new clients.

Be sure to check out Karen’s hashtag generator and follow Karen Bolten on Instagram! @thebusinessvet

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