Episode 229: Pet Wellness Plans, Memberships, and Marketing with Loyalty with Brian Macrae

In Today’s Episode, Brian Macrae from Rethink Veterinary Solutions and Rethink Loyalty joins me for the third time on the podcast! We talk about wellness plans, memberships, payment plans, and marketing with loyalty in mind. Brian has been working in the veterinary space since 2012 by creating the Rethink Veterinary Solutions and actually was how I got involved and started in the veterinary industry. 

The goals of providing memberships and wellness plans in your practice for your clients are to retain and keep your current clients, have your clients come in more frequently, and gain more new clients. Having clear goals will help you market even better.

Key elements for making your memberships and wellness plans work for your practice are setting up your plans to be as automated as possible for your administration. Having also it made easy and clear to articulate to clients will help your adoption rate.

Creating the most ideal loyalty reward program for today would be taking the elements from both a membership structure and a wellness program and combining them together to create a payment plan that is automated for ease of clients.

And we cover so much more. Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or need help with anything!

If you want to get in contact with Brian Macrae and Rethink Vet Solutions or want to learn more about their programs you can give a call or text directly at (714) 271-8354 or can visit Rethinks Website here or send an email to brian@rethinkloyalty.com

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