Episode 232:How to Make Your Marketing Effective With The Maverick Marketing Method

Digital Marketing is getting more difficult with how much competition is out there and practices are busier than ever right now, so In today’s episode, I share how to make your marketing effective for your veterinary marketing. I share with you the Maverick Marketing Method which I created and use for my clients. I’ll go over ways you can make your digital marketing be more effective and efficient that will be beneficial for your veterinary practice.

Now there are 3 ways to grow your business typically

-Cut cost

-Increase Prices

-Increase Frequency

From a digital marketing standpoint, the best way we can grow your practice is by focusing on the last 2 methods. Increasing prices and increasing frequency can work hand and hand together to ultimately help you weed out what you don’t need to spend money or focus on. With both of these, we need to be increasing revenue and growth which should be the primary focus of digital marketing.

With increasing revenue, we need to do it the most effective way possible without having you and your staff burnt out. Ask these questions in your marketing.

-What services can I offer that will generate the highest margin revenue? What is the best use of your time?

-Which of these services do you love doing the most? How can you still enjoy your job and make it fun?

-Who is the minimum viable audience for these services?  Target the people that truly need and want your services.

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