Episode 234: All About Tracking Your Marketing

In Today’s episode, I talk all about tracking your marketing and specifically marketing metrics. It is no surprise that tracking your marketing has become more difficult within the last few years. With the Apple IOS 14s privacy update, IOS 15 with even more changes is on the horizon. and even Google has added difficulties to tracking your digital marketing. 

With both Apple and Google coming against Facebook tracking pixels it has made marketers have to find different ways to track conversions and metrics. I share some ways you can create easy ways to see where your traffic is going.

1 Have Google analytics and 2 Google Tag Manager installed on every page of your website

3 Set up pages based on channels- Create landing pages for specific channels so you know where that click came from

4 Use UTM Codes- We went over what UTM codes are and do in the last episode in depth. UTM Codes are little streams of coding attached to URLs that you can create to see where customers come from specific channels.

5 Native Conversions tools through the specific channels, Which we will talk in-depth in a future episode 

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