VMP 050:Dr. Peter Weinstein On How To Work On Your Veterinary Practice, Not Just In Your Practice

People who work inside the veterinary industry are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have ever encountered. They spend years getting trained to do their job, but one area of training that veterinarians don’t receive is how to run their veterinary practice from a business standpoint. This industry is unique because the people working in practices have to provide care to several different species and have to treat everything from emergencies to standard preventative care. Often times this causes practice owners to get so tied up being a technician in their business that they don’t have time to work on growing an actual business, and this is what the E-Myth tries to help with.

This week’s episode I have Dr. Peter Weinstein as a guest to talk about his new book, The E-Myth Veterinarian. Dr. Peter Weinstein is the executive director of the SCVMA, a speaker, and consultant.He explains how veterinarians spend so much time in vet school to become a really good practitioner or technician, but what is really lacking is business training. So often I hear people in the industry say, if you provide good care then that’s all that matters, but the truth is that along with great service and care you need to spend time running the business and being the business owner.  It is true that you have to do good work to retain clients, but the thing is, the practice down the street is likely filled with veterinary professionals who love animals just as much as you do. Caring more than the other practice won’t cut it, you need strategies and systems to help grow your practice.

In this podcast I usually just cover marketing, but in this episode, Dr. Weinstein shares his insight from years of working in practices that are really powerful. Marketing and branding needs to take place not just in your advertising or social media but you need to have consistency once someone makes it into the practice as well. We also cover how much you should actually know about marketing and advertising to be effective, the benefits of being pro active VS reacting to everything that comes up and how to often you should be thinking about marketing in your practice.

Items Mentioned in This Book:

The E-Myth Veterinarian

Retention marketing for veterinary professionals


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