Repurpose Your Instagram Content To Bring Online Marketing Offline

Instagram Can Be Huge For Your Veterinary Practice

Instagram is extremely popular and growing in popularity every day. People and brands are using Instagram to build their online brand and connect with clients. One cool thing is that Instagram doesn’t have to take too much work or effort to add content. You can snap pictures of interesting things going on in your practice, take pictures of your clients pets and create followers and engagement pretty quickly. Obviously you’ll want to get permission to use your clients photos.

This isn’t a blog post on “How To Do Instagram”

If you want some advice on how to create a compelling Instagram Account Check out This Podcast Episode: VMP 018. I’m going to be sharing an idea to increase referrals by using the content you already have on your Instagram account.

When you come into contact with your clients, do you have something to give them? You probably have business cards and they probably suck and are terrible. When most people get

Hi, can I give you my company's info so you can throw it away as soon as you leave?
Hi, can I give you my company’s info so you can throw it away as soon as you leave?

business cards the shove them in their pocket or throw them away. They are boring and pointless, having your contact info on a piece of paper? You can just google that these days.

But, what if you had a way to give something to your clients that they were compelled to hold on to or pass along to their friends or family? 

That is where you instagram account comes in. If you’re taking pictures of your client’s pets or interesting images of your work you can use these to generate referrals by using to create a portfolio set of business or referral cards.

Your clients will hang on to things that are important to them, and they’ll pass them along if it helps their friends or family so here is what you do. It is pretty simple! print awesome business cards of your instagram pictures

So here is the concept, create a business card that has an image that is important or interesting to your client and incentivize them to give it to their friends and family.

Example No 1: You are a practice manager who takes pictures of your best client’s pets and post them to your Instagram and Facebook. You create a business card with your client’s picture on it and give it to them as they leave, on the back it has your practice contact info and says Refer A Friend and You Both Get $15 towards any Service. As you give it to them say hey, if you want to give this to any of your friends they can get each get $15 bucks. Now your client has a card with a picture of their pet on it! They won’t throw it away because it looks cool and they will show it to their friends or family and there is a good chance of giving it away. Seriously who is going to trash a picture of their pet?

Here is what the front would look like:


Adorable business card and a great way to generate referrals. Write up the back of the card as you see fit. By the way Thanks Danielle Lambert From for letting me use your practice’s instagram picture in the above example.

Example Number 2: Let’s say you want to get more referrals with relationships that you already have. Going along the same lines you create a really cool picture using something that your client will find interesting. For this example let’s say you want your client to refer you more. You take awesome pictures of his property and cows and then give them to him and ask him to give you referrals with all his friends that are also farmers. Again you’re giving something that is interesting and awesome looking so they aren’t going to throw them away.

Here is an example of what a cool picture could look like:


Thanks to Cody Creelman for letting me use his Instagram picture in this post. Check out his account for a great example of how to create awesome Instagram Content.

Create the back with your contact and social media contact as well. Obviously if you can give monetary incentive for the referral the more likely you’ll be to get the referral but work with what you are comfortable doing.

Using is really easy. Here is how you do it

Step 1: Visit and create an account.

Step 2: Click The Square Business Cards and then click Design your own. Once you click design your own it will ask you if you want to design your own or upload a completed design. Click the design your own

Step 3: Click the upload button on the design the back. From here you can connect your instagram account and pick up to 50 different images.

Click Here To Upload Your Images, The Next Step Will Prompt You To Connect Your Instagram Account
Click Here to Connect Your Instagram Account
Click Here to Connect Your Instagram Account


Once You have completed the main image figure out what you’re going to put on the front as far as text goes and create a compelling reason for your clients to refer you.


Don’t forget to hand them out.

Test it and see what happens. I use these guys and they print awesome quality cards that are custom. Always be testing and stop being boring!

By the way I’ve bought from before and they have really high quality print jobs, so be sure to check them out! Here’s what they look like:







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