VMP 048: How To Leave No Clients Behind, Marketing Your Practice With Payment Plans

In a perfect world your clients would all have large savings so that if they ever had unexpected pet care expenses there would be no problem. As good as this sounds, it simply isn’t reality. Things happen in life and most pet owners aren’t ready for unexpected problems. The good news is, there is VetBilling.com which offers payment plans to veterinary practices. The crazy part is VetBilling.com doesn’t charge veterinary practices anything to use them.

In this episode I interview Suzanne Cannon about how VetBilling.com helps veterinary practices add a powerful tool of recurring automatic payments. We talk about how they screen potential installment payment candidates, how they handle setting up installment arrangements and much more.

I think that Vetbilling.com is an amazing tool and a definite no-brainer to use at your practice! Having products that help no pet get left behind while maintaining a profitable business is a win-win situation that helps you to communicate that you care for your clients.  It is probably pretty likely that you’ve used some kind of payment plans at some point in your practice, but with VetBilling you don’t have to worry about the admin, the collections or any of the headaches.

Items mentioned in this episode: VetBilling.com


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