The Most Simple Way To Reduce Email Opt Outs Ever (seriously a no brainer)

This idea is simple. It is so simple it might sound stupid, but I hope you are doing it because I see lots of veterinary practices missing this when they are sending out emails.

Listen, I hope that you are testing out email headlines, email content and other email items because the only way you learn and grow response rate, open rate, shares and ultimately your practice’s revenue is if you are testing. With marketing and testing you are going to likely have more loses than wins because you need to figure out what works best and then keep doing what works best so here is one of the easiest ways to keep from losing email opt ins .

When you go into your CRM to set up an email blast or an automatic email you have standard settings, which look something like this:

This is the standard setting when constructing an email, notice right at the bottom the unsubscribe button.
This is the standard setting when constructing an email, notice right at the bottom the unsubscribe button.

The problem with this setting is that the unsubscribe button is directly following the email body. Every time your subscriber reads an email, you are often forcing them to evaluate the value of the email directly after they read it. Who knows, maybe their in a bad mood, maybe their dog just pooped on the carpet and they don’t care that you’re having a special on dog treats this week and so they decide to unsubscribe.

Now I’m not saying that you should remove the unsubscribe button completely from your email, you need to have that in there, it is actually required by anti-spam laws, but that doesn’t mean that you have to force them to decide right after reading each email.

Here is the secret: between the end of your email and the unsubscribe button, push the enter button 8-12 times, causing¬†a large space. I know it is simple, I told you it was in the title, and hopefully you’re already doing this. This is important for a few reasons. Take a look, I know, it is earth shattering.

veterinary email marketing idea
See that is the space you need!

First, most people read emails on their phones, especially after work hours when they aren’t at a computer, and if they work a job not in front of a computer it is highly likely their phone is the primary method of reading email. If you put spaces between the opt out and content body, they won’t even see the unsubscribe button. This means that the only reason someone is unsubscribing is because they really don’t want to hear from you, in which case re-evaluate your message, frequency and list quality.

Second, you aren’t forcing the reader to decide if they should unsubscribe. Even if the email isn’t perfectly tailored to the recipient, they most likely won’t opt out hoping to receive some value in the future.

If you aren’t doing this ultra simple strategy do it on your email and compare opt out rates! I’ll bet they drop pretty significantly! If this works for you let me know in the comments below!



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