VMP 112: How To Simplify Your Veterinary Marketing For More Success

Have you ever felt stuck in your practice’s marketing? Maybe you’re not quite sure what approach you should take with a post, or an ad or maybe you have no clue what you should be doing as a post. In today’s episode I cover how to approach marketing so that you don’t ever wonder what you should do with your marketing.

Today we break down anything you can do in marketing, whether it is creating content, driving traffic to a landing page, boosting a post, creating and sending an email, and show you how to approach it in a simple way. In any marketing or content creation that you are going to do you can really break it into 4 steps. First we need to figure out who you’ll be marketing to, then we’ll choose what the content that would be appropriate would be. From there, we’ll choose the appropriate medium and the correct call to action.

Any time you make a piece of content or an ad you are just trying to move a person in a specific direction. When you send an email for example, if you break it down into the most simple elements, it isn’t difficult to figure out how to write compelling content that gets people into your practice.

In this episode, I also cover what I’ve been up to in my short break I’ve taken from the podcast. I really hope to bring you the most value possible with the podcast, and I’ll be resuming weekly publishing. I was incredibly busy and I didn’t want the podcast to be pushed out just for the sake of publishing. If there is ever anything you need help with, or some topics you would like for me to cover just let me know. Send me a message on my Facebook page or to brandon@veterinarymarketingpodcast.com I really appreciate everyone who listens, and I love hearing from listeners, so don’t be a stranger!


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