VMP 030: SEO and Copywriting For Your Veterinary Practice With Pam Foster

Search engine optimization is definitely an important way to generate traffic to your website, but it can seem like a mystery. In today’s episode we talk SEO and copywriting with Pam Foster. The biggest bang for your buck with your veterinary Veterinary SEO & Copywritingpractice will be local seo, where you try and target people in your local area who are using search terms that are relevant to your practice, and so I discuss how to help your veterinary practice rank for those local searches that will bring new clients in.

Pam Foster is Managing Editor, Community Content & Media for the NAVC  and is the Marketing Faculty Advisor on the CE website VetFolio.com . Pam is a Certified SEO Copywriter and the co-author of Wildly Profitable Marketing for the PetIndustry. She’s also a regular columnist for Veterinary Advantage magazine. She specializes in helping veterinary practices and other industry organizations thrive through strategic marketing content, online and offline — and can be reached at PetCopywriter.com.

Items Mentioned in this episode:

Wildly Profitable Marketing For The Pet Industry

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