VMP 087: How To Run Split Tests On Your Veterinary Practice’s Marketing

Marketing is both an art and a science. Sometimes you’ll put together a piece of content or an ad and you think that it is going to be massively successful, but then once it gets out in front of your clients it bombs. What makes an ad, a piece of content or an email work? If I had the definitive answer I probably would be too busy diving Scrooge McDuck style into piles of gold coins. Since I (and almost ever person on the planet) can’t be sure what will work the best testing is necessary.

Running split tests to determine what elements work is an intelligent approach to marketing because there is always something that you can improve upon. How do you decide what you should test first? In today’s episode I cover how to pick what item you should test, how to create a list of all the things you think you should test and then how to prioritize those items. Since you’re testing things, obviously you should be able to pick a winner. The only way you can pick a winner is if you are actually measuring your traffic, so if you don’t have the ability to look at your practice’s analytics page, start there!

You should be able to choose a goal or an objective that the test should be built around. So having a higher conversion rate, a higher open rate, higher click through rate or maybe increased time on site would be all good examples of a clear goal that you could create a test around. Once you choose what you’re going to test, make sure to only test a single element so that once the test is complete you’ll be able to say what factor contributed to a higher or lower goal rate.

Sometimes you won’t have a clear winner, and in those cases I cover what you should do. Testing can really help you to improve conversion, even on pages that don’t get paid traffic. So if you or your practice has any digital assets, this episode will help you to be more effective, which in turn helps you to help more pets!


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