VMP 041: SEO For Your Veterinary Practice Part 1

Almost everyone these days knows about SEO because SEO (or search engine optimization for those of you living under a rock) is an extremely important part of your veterinary practice’s traffic. Online search through Google, Bing or Yahoo has become a part of life and has completely changed the way that people make purchases. In fact, now over 85% of people use online search to help make a buying decision in most of their purchases.

So in this series about Search Engine Optimization, I’m trying to make SEO less mysterious and remove the misconceptions about what makes for good SEO and what you need to be avoiding. In this episode, part 1, I’ll be covering more conceptual items. I’ll tell you everything from how search engines work to how to get started and figure out what kind of keywords you want to be targeting. I also cover the different types of search queries people make and which ones are the most important for you to focus on for your practice.

Everyone who does marketing for their practice will one time or another need to know how to speak the SEO language and at least have a basic understanding of how SEO works. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard practice managers say “I need to call my web development company, they promised I would be in the first spot with my site” and think to myself, they have no idea what SEO actually is! After this series you should be able to either create a SEO plan for yourself, or if DIY SEO isn’t for you, be able to speak intelligently with a SEO company to know what is possible and realistic.

Items mentioned in this episode:
Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Search Blog

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