VMP 044: How To Quickly Learn and Implement New Marketing Concepts With Dr. Karen Metzler

Often times I hear veterinary professionals say how overwhelming learning digital marketing can be, and I totally get it. There is so much to learn and implement. What kind of marketing should

Dr. Karen Metzler
Dr. Karen Metzler

you be doing, should you focus on this social media platform, is your website good enough? You could do marketing full time for your practice and still be constantly learning and keeping up with new things and ideas, so if you add managing a practice in there it makes it a lot more difficult.

Around 3 and a half months ago, Dr. Karen Metzler from Summerfields Animal Hospital in Fort Worth Texas reached out to me from listening to the podcast. She was just starting to learn about digital marketing and since then has grown a tremendous amount in her knowledge and ability to apply what she learns. I asked her to come onto the podcast because I think we can learn a ton from her. Dr. Metzler graduated from Texas A&M’s, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She has experience in emergency medicine as wells as general practice. She has specific interests in surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, exotics and cardiology.

If anyone is busy enough to have excuses to not learn or implement new ideas it is definitely Dr. Metzler. The topics I discuss in this interview include how to decide what to test, how much she feels that she needs to know about a subject, and much more. I know you’ll find value in this week’s episode so be sure to listen to the whole thing!

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Dr. Karen Metzler
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