VMP 054: How To Avoid Hiring A Bad Advertising Company For Your Veterinary Practice & The Red Flags To Look Out For.

Have you ever wanted to hire an advertising company, or maybe you’ve gotten phone calls from someone claiming to be a local advertising specialist and wondered if you should hire them? Deciding who to hire to do your digital marketing can be very difficult, especially if you not even sure what they’ll be doing. In this week’s episode I walk you through what you need to consider before hiring a company to do your advertising.

The first step to getting your ad company is deciding what goals you want to achieve. Do you want more clients for a basic exam, are you wanting to run a dental promotion? What is going to be your goal for the ad campaign? One thing that I really think you need to do though before you begin is set a goal that will actually generate revenue by driving clients into your practice. Likes, clicks and impressions are great, but unless they turn into actual clients then they aren’t worth very much. Going one step further, having a way to actually measure the marketing you are doing is also really important. How will you know if your marketing is actually working unless you can measure it.
In addition to talking about the qualities that advertising companies should have I discuss a list of red flag items that should immediately raise concerns about whether or not you should hire a company. Hopefully with this list you should have enough info to go out and test a marketing company. I do really think though that anyone who wants to hire a company should at least test out and try some ads on their own, even if it is just 5-10 dollars because the act of running the ads will give you some insight into what goes into this


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