VMP 057:Market Your Practice With Live Veterinary Consultations Via The Vet24Seven App

Consumers in general are getting to expect more instant gratification. People want access now! From Uber to Amazon’s same day delivery service the way that clients are interacting with brands and companies is becoming ever more on demand. Vet24Seven ads a level of on demand interaction that I think clients are going to be looking for. Here is how Vet24Seven describes their app:

“Vet24seven provides animal owners with veterinary consultations via their mobile device from veterinary practices in the Vet24seven Network. Vet24seven brings veterinarians directly to clients via the more than 1.5 Billion smart devices worldwide. Today’s pet owner is busier than ever and the convenience of Vet24seven virtual consulations fits in perfectly with their active lifestyle.  When an animal owner sees a behavior or sympton that concerns them, they can now connect via video and chat with a licensed veterinarian from their mobile device to get fast answers and peace of mind. Vet24seven is an excellent resource for pet care questions, emergency triage, routine assessment, post-surgery follow-up, rehab follow-up, chronic care, or hospice care.”

In today’s episode I interview Dr. Edward Blach DVM, MS, MBA, on their app and cover everything from how it works, to what uses it could have for helping to market your practice. Dr. Edward Blach, co-founder of Vet24seven,  is an avid entrepreneur who serves as a business and market specialist in veterinary medicine, often assisting companies in developing a vision for the future of the industry. His unique background combines veterinary medicine, market research, business development, and management. Dr. Blach is the former Chief Executive Officer of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexington, KY, one of the oldest and largest equine veterinary practices in the world, which includes more than 50 veterinarians.

Some of the really interesting ideas that Ed gave us on this episode for marketing uses include new client acquisition, some hospice care uses, emergency uses and much more. I think that the team at Vet24Seven is really impressive and they’ve thought of everything you could imagine, they actually gave me a look at how their entire platform works and it is really easy to use.

One of the things that I really liked about Vet24Seven is that they don’t charge practices to get set up, so I really think that this is a great idea for any practice to try out, especially with some of their best clients.


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