VMP 065: How To Define Your Veterinary Practice’s Ideal Client

One of my favorite things about Marketing is that you have the ability to choose who you work with and who you attract to your digital marketing pieces. I bet it isn’t said too often but you can choose who you work with and what kind of clients come to your practice. I am sure that there will always be some difficult clients, but what if you just focused on attracting clients who were just like your the favorite clients you already have.

Now I definitely understand the difficulty that a lot of veterinary professionals have when they try and define who they¬†want coming in to the practice. Obviously they want as many people as possible to bring their pets in and they want to provide high levels of service and care, but if you get to choose who you work with, what would that person look like? In today’s episode we cover exactly that, and more by creating your ideal client’s avatar.

If you think about your favorite clients you probably have a good idea what they look like, but we go way more in depth in creating your ideal client avatar. A client avatar is a marketing term that represents what your client is like, and we go so far as to create a name, demographic data, phrases expression that person uses and much more. Creating your client avatar really gets you to think in terms of your ideal client so that when they read your content or see your marketing they identify with it immediately and are drawn to your practice.

When you are thinking about the ideal client, think about several of your favorite clients and try and figure out what are some of the commonalities between them. What makes this person tick, what are some of their fears, what are some of their pain points or what is it that will really make this person feel like they are valued at your practice. Imagine what your practice could be like if the majority of your clients were exactly like your favorite clients.

Once you have gone through the process of thinking more about who your client is and what truly motivates them you’ll be a far more effective marketer. Everything from the content that you create to the email you send will be created with better positioning and should connect with the potential client. This exercise will also help you to define the demographics you use to create and target your ads as well.


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