VMP 066: New Ads That Will Help Generate New Clients At Your Veterinary Practice

Any time that there is a new way to generate new clients at your veterinary practice is good news! This week, Facebook released their new lead generation ad type and I think this is big news for your veterinary practice’s marketing.

In this week’s episode I break down some new changes that Facebook has released with native lead generation and how to use them in your practice so that you can generate new clients. I’ll show you how to set up these new ads, what steps to take to make sure you’re collecting the right information and then how to download the leads once they start rolling in through this native lead gen platform. What is native lead generation you ask? Well whenever an app or social media platform allows you to collect information within the app or platform, this is native lead generation. What this does is allow the potential client to interact with your brand and opt in without having to leave the place you’re at.

Engaging natively is really important because it makes the content or ads that you have far easier to consume. This is why I am SO SO against you using all of your social media channels in the same way. If you have your Twitter account linked to your Facebook account you’re going to get really low engagement because people behave and consume content differently in these different places. Each space has its own tone and context, and so if you make it easy and appropriate for people to engage natively you’ll have higher conversion rates.

So what is really exciting about Facebook’s new ad type is that they let you collect your potential clients info without having to leave the Facebook app. I’ve been testing this ad type and the potential seems really big for these apps. Here is how they work, basically you create the ad in the power editor and then you create a web form to use along with the ad. You can customize the web for to collect as much info as you would like, but remember, the more info you collect, the lower the conversion rate usually.

The application of this new ad type will work really well with segmentation and creating specific offers for those segments. I’m really excited to see how veterinary practices use this, but remember that it is important to constantly be testing. A large benefit of this ad type is that it allows you to really easily measure how much a lead costs.


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