VMP 068: How To Find The Right Traffic Sources To Get New Clients At Your Veterinary Practice

Unless you’re a full time marketer, you probably haven’t thought too much about where you are getting traffic from, but you should be! There will always be new ad platforms, social media channels and websites to drive relatively cheap traffic from, but which site should you drive traffic from? Where are your best potential clients spending time right now? What are the best places to promote your veterinary practice’s content and offers? These are all questions that we answer on this week’s episode.

For those of you who don’t know, traffic is just clicks to your veterinary practice’s website. Traffic is mostly looked at as a commodity  but the truth is not all traffic is created equal. Putting ads on craigslist will definitely yield different kinds of clients than you would find on places like Linkedin. So where should you be advertising? First of all are you even advertising? I talk to lots of practices who aren’t even advertising and I think this is a serious problem for a few reasons. The first reason, is if you want to grow your veterinary practice and create systematic predictable growth, you need a way to drive clients. The other reason you should be doing digital advertising is that if you are solely relying on organic traffic you are allowing someone else to be in control of your business. Organic traffic algorithms change all the and your site could be completely removed from the search results.

So now that you know you should be using digital advertising, the next step is to figure out who your best potential client is so you can find the best places to advertise on. Is your ideal potential client a successful business person, who is a college grad and makes 125,000 a year? You might want to consider linkedin. Once you define your potential client use sites like alexa.com to find the demographic data.

Now keeping line with the thinking that you don’t want to have all of your eggs in one basket it is important to be testing and trying out a couple different traffic sources because even with paid traffic things change. Sure, Facebook marketing is great right now, but what if your ad accounts gets disabled or what if it becomes extremely expensive because competition grows stronger. Always be testing and trying new platforms that you feel would be a good fit for your content and your audience and you’ll be able to create as many clients as  you would like!


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