VMP 069: 5 Automatic Email Sequence Your Veterinary Practice Needs To Be Using

I’m a huge fan of email marketing, and I hope that you and your practice are collecting emails. If you aren’t collecting emails that should absolutely be where you start. A couple of reasons that I absolutely love emails is because for one, you own the list. No one can take away the emails that you’ve gathered. In some cases, especially with social media platforms, you’re basically just renting the lists. You don’t own it and if any of the rules change you’re pretty much out of luck which can be a big problem.  Since you own the list, if you are good at email marketing, you can use it to really influence your current and prospective clients. If you have good emails you can drive behavior and traffic into your practice. Having a slow week or month? Send out an email sequence and get some clients coming in through the door.

So obviously since veterinary professionals are some of the most busy people that I’ve ever encountered, it is really important that you automate as much of this as possible. With automated emails you need to be using an email marketing system and for that I suggest either Mailchimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft, depending on the budget you have and what features you are looking for. Whatever you use it should be relatively easy to use, give you the ability to segment your lists of clients and also have automatic email capabilities.  The email sequences that I talk about in today’s episode should be able to be set up once and not have to be touched again. Whenever you can set up a marketing system and have a return that pays off for years is a huge win for anyone who is marketing because the return on time that you spend is so high.

With email sequences the more you have the better in my opinion because you can create such segmented and relevant campaigns depending on what people like and engage with, but you likely have pets to care for, so I’ve narrowed it down to 5 that I think every veterinary practice needs. The 5 email sequences that I cover in depth in this week’s episode are:

  • a welcome email series
  • a review email series
  • a win back series
  • a current client sales series
  • and an engagement/segmentation series

With each of these email series I think you’ll see a huge return on investment. Remember that often times people get really busy and they just don’t have the time and energy to think about things that they need to do for their pets, so not only will these email sequences help to drive more clients into your practice but they can also help to provide better care to pets as well.


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