VMP 072: How Pixels Can Grow Your Veterinary Practice

Today’s episode is going to be a little bit advanced, but stick with me here, I think it is really worth the effort to at least understand the marketing concepts that we’re going to be talking about. In fact, I think that the subject of today’s podcast is likely the best opportunity that there is to market your veterinary practice. Today we’re talking about Facebook Pixels.

So What Are Pixels? Pixels are pieces of javascript code that Facebook provides. You put the Facebook pixel in the head section o your webpage so that when someone visits the site,the piece of javascript runs or “fires” and you are now able to track the person who is visiting that page or the event that just occurred. So pixels allow you to do two main things, one is build lists of audiences who have viewed certain pages or pieces of content that you create and/or they allow you to track and optimize ads for events like newsletter opt ins, form opt ins, purchases, cart abandons and other things.

In the past, with Facebook pixels you had to create unique pieces of code every time you wanted to either create a new list to market to or track an event, but Facebook has recently changed the way pixels work. Now you get a base pixel that is standard for, the way you customize them for event tracking is by placing a little identifier that Facebook provides for you to copy and paste into your base code.

So once you copy and past your pixel into your veterinary hospitals web pages, what can you do then? This is where some marketing strategy comes into play. By using segmented content built around offers that you have at your veterinary. It is really easy (at least comparatively) to get people to click and consume content instead of getting people to actually opt in to something to build your marketing list, so using pixels allows you to create segmented interest based lists without having people opt in.

So I cover several examples that you can test, that will allow you and your practice to actually attract new clients, easily measure ROI and create content that your audience really wants.  Facebook video also has a really cool pixel feature within the Power Editor that I cover.

I know that this is definitely one of the more complicated episodes, but if you can implement the ideas in today’s podcast your veterinary practice will be able to create dependable growth.


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