VMP 074: How To Create Offers For Your Veterinary Practice

I hear a lot of times that veterinary practices have a difficult time telling if their marketing actually produces a positive return on investment. When I hear that I figure that their marketing likely isn’t directing specifically at an offer or a lead magnet. This week I cover how to create offers at your veterinary practice that will help you sell products or services online or how to create offers that you can trade content for contact information with your current or potential clients.

When you create an offer, there are really just four main elements to the whole process. The elements that I cover are: first figuring out what your offer is going to be, creating the headline, creating the copy or content and then creating the call to action. What should you offer at  your practice for sale online with you digital marketing? That depends on what kinds of clients you are looking to attract, what kind of content you’ve created for your practice and also what kind of resources you have to put towards your marketing. I am really opposed to having your marketing offers just being centered around discounts. Discounts are lazy and easy, do better marketing but don’t try and compete only on price. There are always exceptions to this rule, but make sure you use discounts only when appropriate or you’ll find yourself having to come back to discounts every time you create a promotion.

The next piece that you really need to focus on is your headline. Headlines are really important for marketing because they immediately identify to the reader what they offer is about and it hopefully segments the interested clients from the non interested people. I talk about 3 headline formulas that work really well in generating interest while at the same time segmenting buyers from non buyers. After the headline I talk about 6 different ways to begin the conversation in your copy. Your copy is going to be either video, text or images/infographics and picking the  right medium will be important based on where you are going to be advertising. Once you have the copy the next piece is creating the call to action and I cover how to  use pricing to increase conversion as well as tips for making the purchase process as easy as possible.


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