VMP 076: Give Your Veterinary Hospital A Total Marketing Makeover Part 1

The new year is upon us, and today is the last Monday of the year! In honor of the new year, and because people often times want to set new goals and resolutions in the new year I have decided to do a four part series on  how to give your veterinary hospital a complete marketing makeover. We’ll break down exactly what you need to do to see where you are today, and then figure out what you need to do to get to the place you want to be in. I hope that you like this series because I think it is really important to evaluate what you’re doing along the way. I think this series will be good even if you have really successful marketing already.

The first part of this series is figuring out where you are in your marketing today. Setting yourself up and actually knowing where you are is a huge step that you need to do before anything else. Let’s say you know where you want to go, and you know when you want to get there, but if you don’t know where you are today you’ll never be able to create directions to get there.

The exersize that I use in my business is what we’ll be covering today, and is something that I learned from a great marketer named Ryan Deiss at DigitalMarketer.com. I’ve adapted the process for veterinary hospitals though and I run through a list of really powerful questions and why you need to consider these questions so that you can get a complete picture of where you are today. This is a really important first step in evaluating your veterinary hospital’s marketing, so I hope that you follow along in this episode and actually take the time to complete the questions. If you would like a pdf copy of the questions just send me an email at brandon.breshears@gmail.com


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