VMP 078: Give Your Veterinary Hospital A Total Marketing Makeover Part 3

Today’s podcast is part 3 in my series on how to give your veterinary hospital a total marketing makeover so that you can create systematic growth. If you haven’t listened to part 1 or 2 be sure to go back and listen to them because each is very important for having your best year yet!

One common question that I get pretty often is, “how much should i spend on marketing?” I think that the answer to that question is pretty simple, but it is also very specific to your veterinary hospital. An answer like 2-5% doesn’t answer what your specific goals are, it just makes it so that you throw money out at your best guess of what will create growth at your practice. With direct response digital marketing you can reverse engineer what you need to spend and how often you need to run ads to meet your marketing goals.

In today’s episode I cover topics ranging from how to figure out what goals you want to achieve based on how much you want to grow this year, to how determine what your average client value is, how to determine what your return on investment is to figuring out what your average ad spend should be.

Not only do we cover ads, but we also talk about facebook likes and building email lists as well. Figuring out what you want to achieve this year is one of the most important first steps to creating growth at your practice. Building ads that help to grow your practice and create a positive ROI can be possible, but it definitely doesn’t happen by accident. Most times if you’re not measuring results and testing you will end up with ads that create negative ROI so it is definitely important that you figure out how to create profitable systematic growth.


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