VMP 079: Give Your Veterinary Hospital A Total Marketing Makeover Part 4

Today’s episode is the last part in the 4 part series on how to give your veterinary hospital a total marketing makeover and how to make this year your veterinary practice’s best year ever. Today’s episode we specifically cover how to know that your marketing is working and that you are executing well. Creating an advertisement is easy, but making one that actually works well is another thing altogether.

I think the first step that most people fail at is taking no action at all. No matter what you learn, you’ll get no benefit unless you put what you learn into action and take a first step. So please this year make it a year of taking action and apply what you learn, even it is just a small amount of implementation.

Assuming that you are taking action the first real question you should ask yourself in any kind of marketing that you do is, “why am I even creating this piece of content/ad/social media post/etc?”If you don’t have a clear objective it will be really easy for your marketing to fail. How do you even know if the marketing you’ve created is actually doing what it is supposed to in the first place if you don’t have a specific objective?

Once you can put the pass/fail test on a piece of marketing based on the objective that you’ve created the next step is to evaluate why something is working or not working. Most of the marketing materials that are created don’t actually work, especially if you’re not a seasoned marketer, so it is important to be able to evaluate the work that you’re doing and pinpoint the areas that need work.

The two parts that most marketing campaigns fail are in the advertisement and then in the sales cycle. I go in depth into the most common problems the three components of advertisements face and then where in the sales cycle marketers lose clients.

Marketing and advertising doesn’t work(over the long term) if your product is terrible though. So make sure that you are providing tremendous value!


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