VMP 080: How To Use Google Tag Manager To Simplify Your Veterinary Marketing

Creating content and ads can be difficult enough without having to go through all the extra work of adding tracking pixels into the equation.  Google’s new tag manager is going to simplify some of the most important but complicated aspects of digital marketing. One of the things that I fail to do most often that I wish I executed better on was creating enough segmentation for all the tracking pixels that I need to place, but it ads a ton of tedious work to the whole process and often times I forget to do what I know I should be doing.

First if you don’t know what pixel tracking is, then you  are missing out on a huge opportunity for increasing the value of content and marketing pieces you create. Pixels are pieces of javascript code that allow you to track people who visit your site or just very specific parts of your site. This code allows you to create audiences of people to show ads to on specific sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and ad platforms like Google Adwords. For example, let’s say you’re selling dog food and you have people add a bag of dog food to their online cart, but they abandon half way through the process and don’t end up buying. You can use retargeting codes to track these people and show them ads of the food they were thinking about buying, except maybe you show a coupon or a limited offer to drive them to purchase.

Tag manager makes it so that you can create and place these javascript codes without having to adjust your website code. If you don’t know how to edit your website or if you don’t manage adjustments then this will help! Now with tag manager all you have to do is create a container, get a single code and have that installed on your website once. Once it is installed you never have to put code on the site again! All you have to do now is create tags that use specific triggers and variables to tell google when to fire a tag(this means run the javascript code and create your remarketing list or event tracking)

You can use tag manager to not only remarket, but also to track behavior and engagement on your site. This is probably going to be my favorite marketing tool I use this year!


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