VMP 081: Interviewing Dr. Braden Collins On How To Use Facebook To Get Good PR

Dr. Braden Collins from Bunbury Vets in Bunbury, Western Australia is on the show to talk about how he uses Facebook to drive massive amounts of engagement in his veterinary practice. Dr. Collins originally reached out after having listened to the show and I quickly became a fan of his marketing. Braden uses Facebook really effectively to reach large portions of his community.

Originally, in this episode I wanted to talk to him about his holiday photo contests because he gets great engagement as well as a very active participation from his clients. We cover how he uses his holiday posts to grow his Likes and how much he spends in promotion.

This year Braden also tested some new marketing where he allowed for clients to drop off their pets instead of leaving them in the car. This helped him and his practice get a lot of good PR and goodwill. Last year, Braden made a video that illustrated how serious leaving pets in the car can be during the summer, and so to help curb any pets being lost during Christmas shopping, he made this offer.

There also recently was a very large fire that affected a very large portion of the town down the road. Braden offered to help out however he could, and because of his help, his facebook post reached over 160,000 people! We cover the effects of his posts, and what works best for him.

I really admire that Braden not only is willing to test all kinds of different marketing ideas, but he really genuinely cares about his community and is marketing like he is in it for the long term. By being a good neighbor and caring about his community he is getting a bunch of good marketing benefit. The key though, is that he is doing it because he cares, not because he just wants to be on the news.


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