VMP 082: 3 Amazing New Tools To Help You Market Your Veterinary Hospital

I am always on the lookout for new helpful tools that will allow me to market better. The three tools that I talk about in today’s episode will absolutely help simplify and enhance your marketing execution so that you can really grow by leaps and bounds this year.

When I talk about marketing I really emphasize measuring and testing. Measuring and testing are really critical components so that you can always be improving your efforts in order to get the lowest cost most effective marketing done. One tool in particular that I talk about in today’s episode really helps to do that, it is called AdEspresso.com. With AdEspresso.com you can create literally hundereds of versions of ads all at once so that you can test all kinds of items like headlines, content of the ads, calls to action, images used in the ads, and demographic targeting options/audiences. This really takes the guess work out of knowing what works best and radically saves you time and effort. It would be impossible to do the amount of work that this system does for you even if your only job was to be constantly setting and testing Facebook ads all day. It also gives you easy to understand reporting so that you can clearly see what is working without having to create custom reports in facebook ad reporting and then integrate it with your Google analytics data.

I have only recently been testing out AdEspreso.com but so far it is really been an amazing tool in all the marketing that I’ve done in the past couple months. You can get a free trial at AdEspresso.com for 14 days so be sure to check it out!

The Next Item that I talk about is a little bit less glamorous or exciting as AdEspresso.com but I think it could really help and it is the Facebook Pages Manager CRM like features that have recently been updated on the App. If you have to manage your practice’s page and use the app you can find this feature by making sure your app is updated and you can click on a specific person who interacts with your fan page. Once you click on the individual it will pull up a page that shows data on who you are talking with. You can see things like how long they’ve liked your page, where they live and you can add notes. This is a good idea to tag people, especially if they are troublemakers on your page so that any admin can look up notes and know to mute comments & block or even how to respond.

The last item I cover in today’s podcast is LeadDigits from Leadpages. If you would like to try this out text “veterinary” to 44222 and you’ll get a copy of my 31 veterinary blog post ideas. Lead Digits allows you jto collect email information through text messages and best of all it is integrated into leadpages so it is a bonus feature that I didn’t realize I already had. There are so many applications for this in your practice and I cover some really cool marketing ideas. If you want to see how leadpages works send me an email and I’ll show you the best ways to use leadpages in your veterinary practice.


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