VMP 083: Writing Formulas That Will Help You Create Better Content For Your Veterinary Hospital

Writing can be tricky, especially if you have a veterinary hospital to run. What are you supposed to write about? Thinking about the entire process can be exhausting. Writing is very important, you need it for content, email sequences, ads, web pages and basically any piece of content that your clients and potential clients will consume. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Whenever I can find shortcuts or systems to put in place for marketing I love to use them, that is why I love writing formulas. Whether you’re writing a web page, a blog post, a landing page, an ad or any piece of copy you can apply one of the simple formulas that I cover in today’s episode.

Before you begin writing it is really important to think about things from your clients perspective. Being inside your own veterinary industry brain can be helpful, but it can also keep you from creating content that will appeal to your clients. Anytime I create content I think about the following: Who am I writing For? What is the context(Medium) that I am creating this conversation or story around? What is the best medium for this content? What is the best and most simple way for me to convey my idea? And lastly, how can I make this as entertaining as possible.

When you begin to create something if you are starting off with the wrong intent it can really mess with the entire piece of content so be sure to start with those general questions so that you can hopefully hone in on what your clients want. It is easy to forget but your clients are the ones you’re creating for, so it is important that they’ll want to consume what you’re serving up.

These formulas are all pretty basic, but simplicity is wonderful, especially when you’re creating content. People are very busy these days so the quickest way to convey the information that you’re looking to share is usually idea.


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