VMP 084: Digital Marketing 101 Part 1 Marketing Principles That Will Make You A Better Marketer At Your Veterinary Practice

I was talking with several listeners of the podcast this week and I got some recurring feedback. They were saying how they love the podcast but it has some content that is really advanced and then it dawned on me. I’ve never done an intro to marketing episode. Having a strong foundation is one of the most important steps when starting your journey on marketing. So better late than never!

In this week’s episode I cover the principles that don’t change over time. When learning marketing it is really important to know how to think about the ways you connect and engage with your clients because the way you approach marketing won’t change over time. Tactics will change but principles always stay the same. People for the most part are the same and react the same over time. Sure there are new social networks, new marketing tools like pixels and more advanced targeting demographics, but this doesn’t change the way you should approach your marketing. One of my favorite marketing books of all time is called Olgilvy on Advertising by David Olgilvy and this book was originally published in 1983. Knowing how human behavior works and how people will react to certain stories is the real way to

Deciding who you are targeting and the right context for targeting your clients  is very important, especially with all the content that is being created these days. In fact, more content than ever is being created so if your marketing is created with the right intent you’re going to be more a part of the problem and noise than something that your clients will actually listen to. We cover the three main reasons why people are even using the internet so we can break down the best ways to reach each of these categories of people.

Once you have the principles down, you can learn some great tactics for reaching your clients and potential clients.  Today we cover principles and next week we’ll cover an intro to tactics.


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