VMP 086: How One Dr. Michael Berman Is Saving Thousands Of Dollars A Year By Taking Control of His Veterinary Practice’s Marketing

Build your own veterinary website
Dr. Michael Berman

On this week’s episode I was able to interview Dr. Michael Berman from Animal Hospital At Grayhawk, in Scottsdale AZ. Dr. Berman has been able to save over $15,000 a year by removing a couple of expensive marketing services from his practice and doing them on his own. Dr. Berman and his wife Dr. Kitchen just recently acquired their practice and when they took over the practice they got all the services that the former owners had been using as well as the bill for those services.

What makes Dr. Berman different than most veterinarians is that he actually started off thinking he wanted to be a programmer, and had gone to school to get a degree in computer science. After graduating and spending an agonizing month of sitting in a room starring at a screen of computer code made it clear that he didn’t want to be a programmer. He decided that he wanted to become a veterinarian after a really good experience that saved his cat’s life and went back to school.

The good thing about today’s episode is that you can try the things we talk about without taking any risk at all. What Dr. Berman discovered was that his practice was paying 9600 a year for their website, which wasn’t performing very well at all and also 8400 a year for postcards. Even though Dr. Berman has a background in computer science, you don’t need a programming background to use the amazing WSYWYG(what you see is what you get) HTML5 website creators. Dr. Berman experimented with Squarespace.com, Wix.com and Weebly.com which are all very easy to use and offer free trials. HTML5 editors are just one type of DIY website builders, WordPress is another example of a DIY website builder, but WordPress can often be a little more complicated.

We cover how these three platforms differ and what kinds of features that each have and why you may want to try a specific one. We also cover how analytics integrates and how to create a risk free trial to see if building your own site will work for you. Take a look at how great Dr. Berman’s website turned out at http://animalhospitalatgrayhawk.com. The site that Dr. Berman created looks like a really nice custom site created by a professional programmer, is mobile friendly and will save him a bundle so that he can deploy those dollars on more productive things.


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1 thought on “VMP 086: How One Dr. Michael Berman Is Saving Thousands Of Dollars A Year By Taking Control of His Veterinary Practice’s Marketing”

  1. Interesting presentation. I’d suggest to Dr Berman to not necessarily throw the post cards out, but instead combine them after emails and text messages have failed – different strokes for different folks.