VMP 091: Email Marketing Every Veterinary Practice Needs Part 1

The introduction can be one of the most important emails that your veterinary practice sends out, and today we cover all the elements and things to consider when you are creating your welcome emails. This is the first part of at least a 3 part series on emails that every veterinary hospital needs.  Most veterinary practices that I come into contact with typically don’t have an introduction email.

Your introduction email does several things to help solidify the relationship with your client. Your welcome email should set expectations, offer immediate value so that clients are trained to open future emails as well as build a relationship and make clients feel a connection with your practice. Even before you begin constructing your introduction email you should really think about three elements which are the timing, tone and purpose. Timing should be as quick as you can and so if you don’t use an email marketing service you should really get one set up. Mailchimp is an easy to use and very affordable option. When it comes to tone, be as personal as possible. Clients don’t love companies becaues they are so official and corporate, people love brands many times because of the poeple who work at the brand.

The purpose of the welcome email needs to really train your clients to open emails and that there will always be value there. Many times I feel like businesses send out mass emails because they haven’t done it in a while not neccesarily because they have something of value to offer. Make sure that you have a purpose and that you’re providing value, otherwise you’ll get people puttings your emails in the spam bucket every time.

When you have a new client or someone opts in to an email list, the first week is really the golden time to get in and build value. Open rates typically steadily decrease the long you wait to communicate and add value so be sure to be promt. I also cover 7 introduction email tips that will help you to turn more of your new clients into clients for life.


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