VMP 094: Marketing Tricks & Tips For The Time Crunched Veterinary Marketer

One of the biggest problems I see with veterinary professionals face is that they have so many things to do that getting marketing done is sometimes difficult. It totally makes sense too, veterinary hospitals deal with so much and often times the person doing the marketing has a ton of other work to do as well. In today episode, I cover tricks and strategies that will help you to get your veterinary practice’s marketing done more efficiently.

Any time I start working with new clients or on my own projects in marketing the most difficult part of the creation of any digital marketing is just getting started. One thing I’ve found that helps me create content, ads, or any digital marketing as quickly as possible is having a media library stored on my hard drive. I create nearly all of my marketing materials on the same computer, so having a central place where everything from logos to different lead magnets stored where I can easily find them helps me to save so much time.

Along with having digital assets set up in a specific place, I also really like having a production calendar completed as well. Knowing what you’re going to create and having a game plan for when ads, landing pages and content needs to be created makes working on the marketing a lot easier. I like having all of the relevant content and offers I can include in a single place so that I know what to create and what the objective will be.

Templates are a tremendous time saver as well. Whether it is templated ads, copy, landing pages or images having a framework for what you’re creating makes it way easier and faster as well. A newer tool that I’ve only recently started using is adespresso.com. If you are doing any kind of Facebook ads, this tool makes it quick and easy!

Whenever possible, turn your marketing work into systems that are easy for you use to use.


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